Courses of six levels of difficulty await our visitors who wants to zip and climb in a beautiful forest setting

Warm welcome to the lovers of heights and thrills. The Adventure Park awaits guests in an idyllic forest setting with obstacle courses of 6 difficulties.  Our complex obstacle courses comprise 60 bases, where visitors of all ages can find suitable challenges. The courses feature bridges, hanging and sliding obstacles, offering a memorable experience.

Obstacle Courses
Training Course

A - Our safety instructors demonstrate the use of harnesses and carabiners, and teach the fundamental regulations of climbing. Everyone is obliged to keep these regulations.

ChildreN Courses(between 100 – 140 cm)

B, B2 - Children courses are set up 1-1.5 meter high above the ground, where they have to overcome about 30 various obstacles. Parents can accompany children on the ground – climbing for parents together with children is not possible on these trails. The courses can be used by children between 6 and 14 years old above 100 cm in height.

Adult Courses

C - Students and adults can start testing their skills on Course C comprising 16 obstacles, set up 2-2.5 meters high above the ground. The most popular obstacles are the “bear-barrel”, stilts, Tarzan’s swing and the “imperial walker”.

D - Advanced course - primarily for guests above 14 years old. With its 6 meter height and 16 obstacles, this course offers a defining experience for everyone. Guest under 14 years old are only allowed to try the course if they are accompanied by an adult.

E - Extreme Course - exclusively for guests above 18 years old. This course requires great bodily strength, endurance and skill. Guests can reach the top of the course around 8 meters above the ground climbing a vertical spider web. After overcoming 14 obstacles, the course ends with a 90-meter long zip-line slide.

F - This course consists of sliding elements only, starting from the height of 6 meters, guests reach the ground after sliding down 9 zip-lines. This course is for guests above 10 years old.


Before climbing, our skilled instructors help guests put on the safety equipment which meet every safety regulation standard. We provide a short but thorough training before climbing. The duration of the training is not included in the time to be spent on climbing. Our instructors are qualified first-aiders, who are constantly patrolling under the ropes courses, keeping a watchful eye on climbers and help everyone who feels insecure. To visit the Adventure Park, guests under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Everyone using the services of the Adventure Park is obliged to complete an Acknowledgment of Responsibility form. The form must be completed and signed by adult supervisors in case of guests under 18 years old.

Opening Hours
THURSDAY- SUNDAY 10.00 - 18.00


Adventure Park

Adventure Park

+ Wildlife Park

Adult / 1 hour
HUF 3.100
HUF 3.900
Child / 1 hour
Up to 14
HUF 2.500
HUF 3.200
Student / 1 hour
With valid ISIC
HUF 2.800
HUF 3.500
Family / 2 hours
2 adult, 1 child under 14
HUF 9.200
HUF 10.600
Family Extra Children / 2 hours
For each additional child - with Family ticket
HUF 2.600
HUF 2.900


Adult / 2 hours
HUF 4.200
HUF 4.800
Child / 1 hour
For school groups or organized groups of children of 10+ persons. Admission for one accompanying adult per 10 children is free of charge
HUF 2.300
HUF 2.500
Student / 2 hours
With valid ISIC
HUF 3.600
HUF 3.900
Diák / 2 óra
140 cm testmagasság felett. Legalább 10 fős, szervezett csoportok részére. Nappali tagozatos diákigazolványok bemutatása és felnőtt kísérő szükséges.
4 300 Ft
4 600 Ft
Felnőtt / 2 óra
5 100 Ft
5 800 Ft

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Pre-booking for groups is compulsory.