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Adopt an Animal

Looking for something special? Someone cute, fluffy, lively, funny, playful without you having to take him or her for a walk or feed yourself, potty-trained and won’t chew apart your sofa? Give your beloved ones virtual adoption as a gift.  Not only will your children, partner, grandmother, grandchildren or boss will moved to tears, but you can also contribute to the welfare of your adopted animal. These forest dwellers can be very grateful by simply being charming. It is not easy to choose all. You have to find your perfect present among 50 species of fluffy or feathery-beaked animals.

Adopters will be granted a certificate of adoption and hold the title of “Wildlife Park parent” for a year. We hold a special event every year where we welcome every adopter plus an accompanying person. On this day you are free to visit your beloved animal and you can meet and talk to their keepers.

Your minimal contribution is HUF 20.000/year

If you have picked your favourite already email us to toth.aniko@bkvp.hu and we will get back to you soon.