Around the Wildlife Park

Kirándulás, túrázás, kisvasutazás, piknik, és még sok nagyszerű lehetőség
Adventure Park

We welcome lovers of thrills and heights in our Adventure Park. The bravest proceed from tree to tree through the courses full of adventures and obstacles neglecting depths and gravity, which is not as simple as it seems from below.

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Hármashatár hill Tourist Center

The Tourist Center, situated on the territory of the Pilis Park Forestry, surrounded by black pines, awaits tourists and hikers with clean air and quiet settings. The Hangár Bisztró caters for hungry guests with homely meals and excellent service. The Event Hangar hosts big events and weddings offering full organization and management. The Forest School invites little adventurers to participate in entertaining educational programmes, and after all that you feel like staying for some more time, we provide accommodation in our 38 tourist house which can host 50 guests.

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Guckler Károly look out tower, Hármashatár hill

The lookout provides a breathtaking view over the river Danube and all the bridges connecting Buda and Pest. In clear weather, the mountains of the Matra or even the skyline of the Tatras are also visible. As the lookout tower can be visited in the evening as well, we can admire the stunning city lights of Budapest. The lookout tower is 200 meters from the Tourist center. This unique wooden structure was designed by József Koller, Ybl prize-winning architect.

Willow Glade

A place where no-one will complain if your kids play too loudly. Even the most energetic kids can run about until they get tired. The place provides an excellent view over the János-hegy and the Elizabeth lookout tower, the highest spot of Budapest. A trunk playground with rain shelter satisfies the needs of visitors, as well as a 5×10 meter stage, where exhibitionists can show their art or bands can perform.

Gyermekvasút/Children's Railway

The Gyermekvasút (Children’s Railway) or Line 7 is a single-track narrow gauge railway line, one of the most unique transport attractions of Budapest in districts II and XII that runs between Széchényi-hegy and Hűvösvölgy. The train chuffs along 11.2 kilometers through the woods with an elevation of 235 meters at a speed of 20 km/h and takes 40-50 minutes.  The former name of the line was Úttörővasút (Pioneer Railway) and now the official designation is MÁV Zrt. Széchenyi-hegyi Gyermekvasút. Visitors can approach “Vadaspark” stop (Wildlife Park) following a 2km long forest path from the Wildlife Park.

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Cauldron Tree

This beautiful resting place lies in a hundred year-old black pine forest. The picnic terrace awaits visitors on three levels with seven fireplaces with barbecue opportunities.  The unparalleled taste of campsite meals and the forest environment help create a romantic atmosphere. We offer smoke wood bundles at the ticket office for 1.300 HUF, which consist of 15 kg of firewood, pieces of kindling and paper. Please get informed in advance about possible fire bans on the website of

Hiking trails

Hikers may choose from several marked hiking trails near the Wildlife Park, whichever fits their mood, stamina or backpack size, whether it is a short walk or a longer, more demanding route.