Escape game with a little Wildlife Park twist

Whether it be a birthday party, a family event or a team-building event, an escape game is always a good choice.  If it’s nature-themed and takes place under open sky, it’s even more fun!

The idea of Bear-Exit is based on the recently extremely popular escape games with a bit of a twist á la Budakeszi Wildlife Park:  Instead trying to escape, you have to prevent a reckless troublemaker from letting loose Tibor, and Romolus – the two bears of the Wildlife Park. It’s not necessary to exhibit extensive lexical knowledge to win this one-hour game, as it rather consists of logical puzzles. The bravest players can even fight to save the bears after dusk! Recommended age: 14 years and up.

Bear-Exit Junior awaits children between 8 and 14 years. The game is just like the original Bear- Exit game, but it’s accessible and exciting for younger players.  We advise you to to bring closed shoes and dress accordingly to the weather.

Maximum group size: 15 players


Group Prices
2-5 players
15.000 Ft
6-8 players
20.000 Ft
9-10 players
22.700 Ft
From the 11th player each player +
1.900 Ft

The price includes a 1-day pass to the Wildlife Park

This programme can be purchased as a gift voucher.

Out of Wildlife Park opening hours payment is only possible by cash or gift voucher.