Animals in Action

Special programmes every weekend from March till October

Did you know why mice have grown huge eyes and ears compared to their tiny size? Do you think it is possible to tie Gumi, the ferret into a knot? Do you want to know why foxes have black legs and ears or how you can „remote control” dogs? Do racoons wash their used socks too? You’ll get the answers for all kinds of burning questions if you participate in the Animals in Action!

The masters of adaptation

The guest stars of the shows are – in the order of size: mice, rats, ferrets, beech martens, foxes, dogs and badgers. You can meet the animals of well-known books and TV programmes in real life. Gumi, the ferret demonstrates his unbelievable flexibility with his own body, while you can see the snow-white belly of the fox or the sack-like body of the badger. The show’s frequent guest star is Bonca, the socially sensitive, chid loving almost-circus dog.

Bird is the Word

Keepers talk about everything having two wings and a beak: from the singing blackbird through the bumblebee-sized hummingbird to the towering ostrich. You can see eggs of different sizes and colours; you can learn how homing pigeons can substitute mobile phones; and keepers will also enlighten you about the courting techniques of male birds. Guest stars: birds of all kinds.

Dog Talk

Howling at the moon, burying prey at the back of the garden, sniffing around every tree and fire hydrant – what other signs hint at the possibility that wolves are the ancestors of dogs? They say “dogs are man’s best friend” all the time. When did it start how strong is this bond? We can see 5 dogs “at work” during the activity: they demonstrate how quickly they learn, how disciplined and playful they are, do mindboggling tricks and stunts, and show their affection towards their master.