Petting Zoo

Get close to Animals and Nature!

A place in the middle of the forest, where we can get close to animals we can only see occasionally and from a great distance while hiking in nature. We await visitors with tame fallow deer and mouflons. Animals raised by humans can handle the adoration of fans, they may even stop by for some cuddling, but we have to bear in mind we can easily scare them with sudden gestures and shouting.

Therefore instead of chasing after them, patient waiting pays off. If we are sitting silently on a bench, a dozen of curious fallow deer or mouflon will venture to approach us for some snacks.  Don’t forget to put your hands up otherwise a sensible hoofed friend may tear the yummy snacks from our hands in a second.

In order not to disturb animals, only 20 children can visit the petting zoo at a time, children under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by adults.

Feeding the animals any other food than zoo titibits sold in the Wildlife Park is prohibited!

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday (Closed on Monday)
Petting Zoo I.
Petting Zoo II.

For the peace of mind of the animals, the two petting zoos are open at alternate hours and are closed on every Monday.