The Budakeszi Wildlife Park, cradled in a valley tucked between the mountains embracing Budapest, is a 20-minute ride from Széll Kálmán Square

Address:  0210/12 (Lot number) Budakeszi, H-2092

GPS: 47.521923 / 18.935854

Public Transport

Buses number 22, 222 and  22A

Take bus number 22, 222 or 22A running from „Széll Kálmán tér” and get off at stop “Szanatórium utca” bordering Budakeszi. The entrance of the wildlife park is a 20-minute easy walk on the road through the forest.

By Car

For visitors arriving by tour bus, car or motorcycle, a parking area is available inside the Wildlife Park with a capacity of 200 vehicles, a few meters from the entrance, outside the park with a capacity of 300 of vehicles. Inside the park parking lot safety is ensured by surveillance cameras.  The Budakeszi Wildlife Park does not take responsibility for parking vehicles and valuables left in the cars. Read Parking Rules here.

Warning! Parking in the inner parking lot on weekends and national holidays is subject to charges.

Tour bus: 2300 HUF /day

Cars: 1600 HUF/day

Motorcycles: 700 HUF/day

VAT is included in the prices above

For our visitors with disability two designated accessible parking spaces are available in the inner parking lot.

Please park at designated areas. Do not park in an area to which ‘No Stopping’ signs apply!

Children Railway (Gyermekvasút)

“Gyermekvasút Vadaspark” stop – Budakeszi Wildlife Park (2.2 km – 33 minutes)

There is a path sign 100 meters away from the station, where you have to choose the yellow cross marking in the direction of “Budakeszi út”. After reaching the road,  go past the St. Anthony of Padua statue and follow the forest path with the yellow cross marking again, which crosses the “Csacsi rét” (Csacsi meadow). There are two options from there: you can either choose the paved road leading to the Wildlife Park (500 meters), or take the path with the yellow cross marking. You can reach the Szilfa tisztás (Elm Glade) with a slight detour, and then walk along the fence of the PARK to the main entrance.

Walking, Trekking

The Budakeszi Wildlife Park can be accessed on foot, many hiking trails pass through the Park.

Adyliget – Budakesz Wildlife Park (2.8 km – 42 minutes)

If you come from Adyliget, choose the red cross marking passing through the Petneházy rét (Petneházy meadow). The red marking route later merges with the yellow cross route at the corner of the Szilfa-tisztás (Elm Glade), both leading to the main entrance of the Wildlife Park.

János-Hegy, Erzsébet Kilátó (János hill, Elizabeth Lookout tower) – Budakeszi Wildlife Park (2.8km – 42 minutes)

From the lookout tower, reach “Jánoshegyi út” following the red marking. From there, continue on the yellow cross marking and yellow marking. Leaving the plain yellow marking, follow the yellow cross route, go past the St. Anthony of Padua statue, cross the Budakeszi road, and reach the Csacsi Rét. From there you can continue your way either taking the tarmacked road, or the hiking trail leading to the entrance of the Wildlife Park.

Budakeszi Főtér (Budakeszi Main Square) – Budakeszi Wlidlife Park (2.9km – 32 minutes) Walk on Budakeszi út take Szanatórium utca and follow the tarmacked road leading to the main entrance.