Corporate Events

Szabadtéri magán rendezvények a Budakeszi Vadasparkban

If you want to provide a memorable nature experience for your colleagues, clients, family or friends, jump at the wonderful opportunity a forest could offer.  20 minutes from Széll Kálmán tér, we offer a fabulous environment for customers who want to hold a big event for more than 1000 guests in unique surroundings. Apart from providing a venue, we help you shape your event from pre-organization to on-site management and catering.



The glade surrounded by the forest is a perfect venue for family or corporate events with more than 1000 visitors.  This enormous site has an abundance of opportunities customized to fit your budget, only the sky is the limit. Thanks to the fact the place is relatively far from the Wildlife park, the venue is separated from public areas, but you don’ have to walk far to use the services of the Wildlife Park – it is 8 minutes away.

Capacity: 2.500 persons


As if you stepped into the scene of a western movie. The area is situated in front of a spectacular rock-wall, a few minutes from the entrance, and can be fully separated from the area used by visitors. The venue with amazing settings can easily hold bigger events, even with a stage. (le

Capacity: 1000 persons


An airy open-air venue situated next to the Adventure Park, a few steps away from the entrance of the Wildlife Park. An area specifically for setting up a bigger-size tent is available. This mildly sloping area is perfectly suitable for holding performances, programmes, and exhibition activities.

Capacity: 700 persons


Not far from the Pavilon near the Adventure Park, birthday guests, companies of friends or team-building groups are welcome to throw a barbecue in the Rock Chamber situated in a romantic environment, where birds’ singing fills the air. Seven fireplaces are available with rain shelters, benches and tables.

Capacity: 50 persons



The Budakeszi Wildlife Park can offer an abundance of events where animals play the leading role.  „Animals in Action” shows have gained huge popularity with stars like foxes, badgers, beech martens and many others. The shows are extremely entertaining, and informative, where we can peek into the life of animals or even fly pigeons if requested.  We recommend our interactive bird stall, where you can learn a lot of things about our feathery friends -it is not only for bird enthusiasts!


If you are looking for an active programme, you have found the right place. You can test your skills by trying out our bike and slackline trails and obstacle courses, or try mud run or wooden leg walking.


We offer a multitude of funny, interesting and entertaining activities and educational programmes for children of all ages. Puppet plays, soap bubble shows, clowns and concerts await the lovers of performance arts. Little artisans can draw, make felt crafts or carve animal sculptures from soapstone in our forest workshop. For those who love to tease their brains: quizzes, riddles and mechanical puzzles are waiting to be solved.


Do you love heights and thrills? Welcome in our Adventure Park! The bravest proceed from tree to tree in the courses full of adventures and obstacles neglecting depths and gravity, which is not as simple as it seems from below. We await visitors in a beautiful forest environment with courses with five levels of difficulty.


At every event we accommodate the taste of the group and prepare a menu which fits the atmosphere and style of your event. We offer various menu options from bread and dripping” (made of excellent quality “mangalica” dripping and handmade bread) and “kürtőskalács” through grilled and campfire meals through exclusive multi-course meals featuring specialities and cocktails. We only use carefully chosen, certified ingredients and prefer artisanal products.

  • Event tents: 9 m2 – 5000 m2
  • Event furniture: beer benches banquet tables, mobile counters
  • Professional sound  equipment
  • Porta potty, mobile lavatory
  • Ambulance service
  • Power supplies
  • Selective bins
  • Registration management
  • Cloakroom
  • Parking service

If you are interested, contact us for further information:


Phone: (+36)-23-451-783

We prefer to provide an estimate after a joint venue site visit and an exploration of needs and preferences, but we try to find a solution in “emergency situations”, too.