Eurasian Lynx arrived to the Budakeszi Wildlife Park

A new resident arrived in the lynx exhibit of the Budakeszi Wildlife Park last Friday. The eight year-old female lynx, Rita will live separately next to Csabi – aka loverboy lynx of the Wildlife Park –  in the enclosure for the time being, but long-term plans involve their joint training and introduction to each other. With the arrival of Rita, the number of lynx species in the Wildlife Park got to two; besides the Carpathian lynx, visitors will have a chance to meet an Eurasian lynx too from now on.

The number of lynx population of the Wildlife Park was reduced to one after the departure of Hubert, but with the arrival of Rita, Csabi doesn’t have to spend his days in solitude anymore. Rita and Csabi have to live separately during the first stage of the introduction process, but Csabi’s renewed exhibit with its brand new “jungle-gym”, “tribune”, and perfect hiding spots will provide a spacious environment rich in stimuli for both of them.

Rita was born on 15th May in 2010 in Riga Zoo, Latvia.  She moved to the Budakeszi Wildlife Park from Nyíregyháza Zoo. More than 500 lynxes are kept zoos in the world. In Hungary, 14 lynxes live in wildlife parks.